What is pneumatics or a pneumatic system.

A pneumatic system is where compressed air or gas is used to drive or power to do things like operate valves.In other words compressed gas used as a working force.

Why pneumatic system

Pneumatic system replaces electric motors and actuators. Say you need to control a valve remotely, a servo motor with actuator will do this function. For large number if component the number of motor and actuator will increased. But with pneumatic system, a single compressor will maintain the line pressure and this pressure can be used at any extent.

Pneumatic system:A centrally located and electrically powered compressor that powers cylinders and other pneumatic devices through solenoid valves can often provide motive power in a cheaper, safer, more flexible, and more reliable way than a large number of electric motors and actuators.(wikipedia)

how a pneumatic system works

Compressor,air pipe and solenoid arrangement is used in a simple pneumatic system.Say in a automation system a certain high capacity steam valve is to operate.Its purpose is to provide steam to heat.The force of compressed air or inert gas is used to operate this valve.

Solenoid valve is used to control the air flow.Solenoid is capable of receiving electrical signal and interacting to it like a relay.When the valve is needed to operate,electrical signal is sent to solenoid,and solenoid operates the high pressure air line,then high pressurized air forces the valve to open or close.

For a suitable application Pneumatic system might be replace with hydraulics system.
pneumatic motor

pneumatic motor.
pneumatic motor.

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