Wartsila engine automation system

Every automation system targets the safe and sound continuous operation with economic design.
Wartsila UNIC automation system
Wartsila UNIC automation system consists of the following major parts:

  1. Local Control Panel (LCP): Contains push buttons for local engine control, as well as two graphical displays.
  2. Main Control Module (MCM): Handles all the start/stop management and speed/load control functions of the engine. This module is an optional for engines having mechanical governors.
  3. Engine Safety Module (ESM): Handles fundamental engine safety, and is the interface to the shutdown devices and some local instruments.
  4. Power Distribution Module (PDM): Handles fusing, power distribution, earth fault monitoring and EMC filtration in the system. It provides two fully redundant 24 VDC supplies to all modules,sensors and control devices. Common rail engines also have two redundant 110 VDC supplies for the injector drivers.


Main Control Module in Wartsila Engine automation system.

The MCM or main control module in Wartsila engine automation system is fully microprocessor based system with several analogue and digital input and output channel.

MCM Placement in Engine:

Directly mounted on the engine.Generally placed in a box called junction box beside A1 “cylinder head ” of engine.

Function of MCM:

The main function of MCM is to control the speed of engine. It has also other functions.

1- As Speed controller (Main function):

To control the speed of the engine there are two speed sensor mounted in engine monitoring the engine speed. The out of this two engine is compared always for safety.

Out put from the speed sensor is processed with the reference speed value and signal is set to fuel actuator to control fuel to control speed. As speed is directly controlled by the fuel.

2- Engine operation:

Engine start, stop, loading, unloading etc also controls by MCM .

WOIS and WISE in Wartsila system.


The Wärtsilä Operator’s Interface System (WOIS) provides a user interface to the PLC system. It consists of a computer with the necessary software, connected to the control system of the power plant.

The WOIS workstation is mainly used for monitoring the generating sets and the auxiliary systems, while most of the operations are performed at the control panels.


The Wärtsilä Information System Environment (WISE) is used for follow-up of the power production and the engine condition, as well as for long-term diagnostics of the engine.

The WISE calculates and saves important measurement values, and allows the operator to view and print reports. The WISE gets the information from the WOIS.

7 thoughts on “Wartsila engine automation system”

  1. PLs kindly advice what is means alarm “Engine control system minor alarm” Wartsila UNIC control, and solution for rectify. Thanks in advance.
    ETO Sergey Gorokh

    1. Sergey – this alarm is due to the communication problem from PLC. The output cable from PLC is with a gland. Tighten the gland and it will go away

  2. the engin control système minor alarm is from ESM, if any alarm détected by ESM it will be showen on WISE. if you go behain the engine will see wich alarm . generaly is the speed difference dection between two speed sensor. i wich that can help you.

    1. Could you give specific location of speed sensor. The speed is counting from pick up on flywheel or camshaft.

      1. I had seen three speed sensor in flywheel and three in gear box in Wartsila W20V32 engine. This six speed sensors are individual functioning and there out put is always comparing, getting the top results in effect. Also if there out put is mismatched there is several logical actions is taken automatically by the engine safety module. This is due to the over speed severe effect on Diesel Engine- this enhanced safety. I hope to write a post regarding to this and mail you the link soon enough. Thank you.

  3. There is a earth fault on the positive side of the PDM. After checking, the earth fault cannot be reset unless you reset the whole PDM. The only thing connect on this side is the starting air solenoid which I have changed. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction on where to go on from here.

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