Typical impedance values for electrical system.

The typical impedance value is important to know because this is the impedance value of any electrical system under normal healthy condition. This values are round figure, the exact value is provided by the manufacturer with the equipments.

Each part of the network is characterized by its typical impedance Zc, given in ohms. It characterizes the conditions of electromagnetic wave propagation along the conductors.

Zc = √L/C with, L: inductance per unit length, C: capacitance per unit length (not taking resistancies and
conductancies into account).

Components Typical impedance (ohms)
Insulated MV cable 25 – 50
Metal-clad substation 70
Line 500/800 kV 270
400 kV 300
132/220 kV 360 – 380
63 kV 400
20/30 kV 450
Transformer 500 – 50,000
Open circuit infinite

typical impedance value of electrical equipments

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