1. Electrical Cable and wiring

  1. Electrical cables and Wiring- as per electromagnetic pick up and radiation protection.
  2. Busbar Trunking System or BBT

2. Electrical Basic

  1. What is electrical power.
  2. Power factor, active & reactive power basic concept.
  3. What is power line carrier channel.
  4. Relationship between phase voltage and line voltage in 3 phase wye connection.
  5. Low power factor effect in transmission and consumer electrical system.
  6. Why electrical equipments rated in KVA not in KW

Electrical Applications:

  1. Frequency converter function and basic.
  2. What is opto-coupler or opto-isolator.
  3. Half and full wave rectification from ac to dc.

Electrical Components:

  1. Rectifier / Inverter / Capacitor / Inductor details
  2. Varistor functions, characteristics and use.
  3. Solenoid basic working principle and a practical Solenoid valve .
  4. Solenoid types, parameters and practical application area.
  5. Common electrical and instrument symbols.
  6. Basic insight on power transistor, JFET and MOSFET.

3. Electrical Safety and standards

  1. How to select Fuse or Circuit Breaker for group of motor in same branch circuit as per NEC
  2. Splicing of electrical wire- answer to some basic confusion.
  3. Methods of Circuit Wiring as per BNBC
  4. The concept of earthing system as per BNBC- Bangladesh National Building Code.
  5. Why socket and light should not be in the same circuit.
  6. Electrical wiring- what need to know in brief.
  7. Electrical international codes and standards.
  8. Dead front electrical panel construction

4.Engineering Articles

Guest Articles

  1. The massive drive of safety & compliance by multinational retailers in RMG Bangladesh(part-1 of 3 )
  2. Electrical Safety standards demand by multinational retailers in RMG Bangladesh. ( Part 2 of 3)
  3. Earth and neutral conductor size and other safety codes for RMG in Bangladesh (Part 3 of 3)

By Hasanul Banna Kashemi

  1. Energy saving: The needful technology for today’s world. By Liakot Ali Khan.