How to obtain pick-up & drop-out time lag with auxiliary relay by adding accessories.

Auxiliaries relays can be used in a number of ways with different accessories to obtain a variety of types of operation. By adding some extra accessories, a relay can do more in addition to its normal functionality.

Plug-in units with e.g., diodes, resistors and capacitors are readily available by manufacturer. This plug in unit can be insert in front or rear side as per manufacturer.

Drop-out time-lag by auxiliary relay with a diode:

To obtain a dropout delay of a dc relay or to protect an electronic circuit against transients, a diode unit across the relay coil (R) can be used.If the dropout time is too long it can be reduced with a resistor (r) connected in series with the diode.

For below image- Drop-out delay can be achieved by connecting a parallel diode across the relay coil as shown. The polarities of the dc voltage and the diode must be cared. When S makes the relay picks up instantaneously. When S breaks the relay drops out.

drop out lag time with relay.

Pick-up time-lag by auxiliary relay using a thermistor

[alvaa]When S makes, the current heats the thermistor t and its resistance drops as its temperature increases. When the current through R reaches the pick-up value, the relay picks up and the thermistor is shortcircuited by a make contact on the relay.

pick up time lag with a thermistor.

Pick-up and drop-out time-lag by auxiliary relay using a capacitor

When S makes, the pick-up time is determined by the values r, R and C. The relay picks up when C is sufficiently charged and the time lag upon drop-out is caused by C discharging through R after S breaks

Pick-up and drop-out time-lag using.

Pick-up time-lag using by auxiliary relay with a capacitor (normal drop-out)

The pick-up time is determined by the values of r1, R and C. When the relay has picked up C is discharged across r2 and normal drop-out is obtained.
Pick-up time-lag using a capacitor.
relay accessories

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