Why the nut bolt is anti-clockwise close in power plant.

The nut bolt is generally clockwise close around the world. That is if you rotate a nut bolt clockwise rotation by a screwdriver, spanner- the bolt will close and to open the bolt you have to rotate it anti clockwise.

But in power plant this specific rules is not followed because of the heavy vibration of power plant engines or turbines which is rotating clockwise. If you face towards the turbine or rotating alternator – its clockwise for you but if you go behind of the alternator, it will be antic-clockwise to you.

Now the heavy nut bolt in alternator & turbine assembly in front side is okay as they are facing rotation vibration in clockwise, but the nut bolt placed behind the alternator/ turbine will face an anti-clockwise rotation vibration. This anti-clockwise vibration would cause the nut bolt to loosen up lead in to disaster. Thus in case of ant-clockwise rotation vibration, the nut bolt is specially made of anti-clockwise close.
nut bolt in power plant

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