How to do maintenance of contacts in Magnetic Contactor.

Contacts in magnetic contactor are the part which suffer stress, heat due to mechanical movement, electrodynamic effect and arcs. Thus maintenance of contacts is a very important job and need to be done by skilled hand.

How to select a damaged or worn out contact in magnetic contactor

It is the hard part to choose which contact is good or bad. If the surface of the contact is rough & discolored, that does not mean that it is damaged and need to be replaced. In fact changing a contact in magnetic contactor for less important reason is prohibited as the contact in used is already ”electrically seated” and make good contact over a larger surface.

If any contact is to be replaced, all the three contact must be replaced by a same set of contacts plus the arc chutes also must be changed.

Maintenance of contacts in magnetic contactor

Maintenance or restoration of contacts in magnetic contactor must be done carefully. As the restoration process may add some other difficulties. General restoration procedures are filling, grinding, scraping etc. If this restoration process is done, the contact resistance might be increased due to to scrap from this grinding and filing.
maintencae of magnetic contactor

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