Lubricating oil system of Wartsila W20V32 engine.

The lubricating oil is stored in the oil sump under the engine. Return oil from the engine system is led back to the oil sump. The lubricating oil separator (if used) is connected directly to the engine oil sump.Complete lubricating system of W20V32 engine is described below with a detailed image.

Components in lubrication oil system of wartsila engine

Engine-driven oil pump, Electrically-driven pre lubricating oil pump, Cooler, Oil thermostatic valve, Automatic filter, Oil sump (built on the engine)

Details of lubricating oil system in engine:

The engine is provided with a lubricating oil pump (17), driven directly by the pump gear at the free end of the engine.

It is possible to connect an electrically driven standby pump in parallel, if needed. The pump sucks oil from the engine oil sump or system oil tank and forces it through the lubricating oil cooler (2). The cooler is equipped with a thermostatic valve (4) to regulate the oil temperature.

The oil flows through the lubricating oil automatic filter (3) to the main distributing pipe in the oil sump and then through the hydraulic jacks (in this respect acting as ordinary pipes) to the main bearings. Through bores in the connecting rods to the gudgeon pins (13), the piston skirt and piston cooling spaces are lubricated.

Different engine parts of lubricating oil system:

1. Centrifugal filter 2. Lubricating oil cooler 3. Lubricating oil automatic filter
4. Thermostatic valve, 5. Intermediate gear wheel bearings, 6. Injection pump, 7. Rocker arms, 8. Push rods, 9. Valve tappets, 10. Camshaft bearings, 11. Crankshaft, 12. Oil dipstick, 13. Gudgeon pins, 14. Piston, 15. Lubricating oil to turbocharger, 16. Non-return valve, 17. Lubricating oil pump, 18. Prelubricating oil pump

Image- Lubricating oil system of Wartsila W20V32 engine.

lubricating oil system of wartsila W20 V32 engine.
Lubricating oil system of Wartsila W20 V32 engine.

lubricating oil system of engine

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    1. Sorry I don’t have video or any related content. I have seen lube oil cooler dismantling done by mechanical engineers, it should not be hard for you as you are an expert engineer.

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