Insulation resistance test of alternator – how to do safely.

The insulation resistance test of alternator is very important. The IR test must be done in regular interval of minimum 6 month. Plus any time IR test may be needed to do if there are symptom of burning of stator.

Insulation resistance test method of alternator

There is no difference of insulation test that of other equipment and that of alternator. But as the complete isolation of a subject wire is the main concept of insulation resistance, caution and perfect knowledge of alternator connection need to be known before proceeding.

So the main concept is to complete isolation of test subject. Synchronous alternator are mostly of star connected. First thing to disconnect the star connection and also disconnect the protective device or measurement device like CT, PT. Then we can continue to Insulation resistance of Alternator.

insulation resistance test of alternator
Internal connection of Alternator
insulation resistance test of alternator done
Phase to Phase insulation resistance test
insulation facts procedure for alternator
Phase to earth insulation resistance test connection

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