Energy saving: The needful technology for today’s world.

Before starting the topic we need to know what is energy saving? We see the results of power usage all around us. Every day, the generation and usage of energy produces more pollution than any other single industry. Actually we are consuming more electricity or paying more amounts what we actually 1not use it. Use of this extra energy we are warming the global indirectly and greenhouse effect is increasing. Climate change, caused by greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels, is one of the biggest problems in the 21st century. The energy used to heat and cool our homes, as well as the electricity we use for lighting and appliances, contributes to 20% of greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.

Energy saving- next hot topics in near future

[adsfl]Energy saving will be one of the most important experimental subject in the near future for the technology world. Energy savings are widely recognized as a means to save money. At the same time they contribute to security of energy supply, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions, the fast and cheap achievement of a sustainable energy supply, and last but not least, It’s our time to use energy on smart and more efficient way. Energy saving can refer to as energy efficiency. We can save our money, energy and the global from the effect of the extra energy by using it efficiently. Although energy effect comes also from industry and the entire periphery using electricity on other energy. We would like to discuss here only the way of saving electrical energy for home and industry.

Energy saving-lets start at from home

In our home we use lot of electrical equipment like TV, Freeze, Washing machine, Mp3 player, music system, computer laptop. But we have not adequate knowledge for how to use this electrical equipment in proper way. Due to this ignorance we are paying more electricity bill which we are not actually use. An energy auditor can find how much energy are being used as extra. According to the energy auditors we can easily save between 5 and 10% of their energy consumption (and costs) by changing our behavior such as switching electrical equipment off at the mains rather than leaving it on standby, turning off lights when they’re not being used.

Replace the old, inefficient technology with new one’s: energy saving effort

[alvaa]By saving Electrical energy will directly reflected to saving money so it is very necessary to under stood ghost unit or amount which we are paying without using the appliances. The major appliances in your home are Air conditioner, refrigerators, clothes washers, dishwashers, water heater etc. account for a big chunk of your monthly utility bill. And if our refrigerator or washing machine is more than a decade old, we’re spending a lot more on energy than we need to.Today’s major appliances don’t hog energy the way older models do because they must meet minimum federal energy efficiency standards. These standards have been tightened over the years, so any new appliance we buy today has to use less energy than the model we’re replacing. For instance, if we buy one of today’s most energy-efficient air conditioner, appliances, it will use less than half the energy of a model that’s 12 years old or older.

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    “The energy saving concept has two way around. First is the equipment itself being efficient, and secondly the consumer being conscious. “

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