Electrical cable color code and size practices- recognized internationally.

Electrical cable is used within the electrical system by maintaining the color code. There are three phases(R,Y,B) and neutral, earthing which have different characteristics and requires different attention during maintenance. Such as the earthing cable does not require that much attention that requires by the neutral cable(as per international code- the neutral cable within the circuit must be treated as such the phase cables). Now if the neutral cable color is same as the earthing then during maintenance the electrician will mislead to an electric shock. Thus Electrical cable color code and size practices are common by internationally with a little variant.

Cable/ wire color code:

The electrical system has phases, neutral, earthing etc. To identify what the cable is intend for a certain color code is followed internationally. Phases– Red, Yellow, Blue./ Neutral– Black, Blue, Silver. /Earthing– Green, Green-yellow striped band.Above color code varies from country to country but the basic is same.You can find details in Electrical wiring method wikipedia.

The best practice is to follow a certain color code in an installation, strictly follow it onward and mention it as publicly in a noticeboard to avoid confusions.

electrical cable color code

Electrical cable size standards- rm, re, sm

  1. re=rounded conductor, SINGLE WIRE
  2. RM=round conductor multi wire or stranded wire.
  3. SM=sectorial conductor.
conductor types
conductor types

Measurement of cable size

There are several measurement methods are in practice around the world. So it is always best to keep the mm2 data for ease of conversion as all measurement standards is calculated from mm2.

There are two link you might find useful- circular mil to square mm converter, standard cable size table. But the authenticity of this sources I can not guarantee.

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