Electrical System

Electrical Concept

  1. Basic Electrical
  2. Electrical Application


  1. Alternator & DC Generator
  2. Motor
  3. Transformer


  1. Circuit Breaker.
  2. Instrument transformer (CT & PT).
  3. Relay and Magnetic Contactor.

Protection System

  1. Electrical Machine protection.
  2. Power System protection.

Earthing system

  1. Grounding & Insulation Test

Power Plant

  1. Power plant basics

Sensor & Automation

  1. Basic Automation
  2. Converters
  3. Level sensor
  4. Speed sensor
  5. Temperature Sensor

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  1. Yes it matters! It snudos like you are dealing with 110 volts. The white wire goes to the silver screw and the black wire goes to the brass colored screw. One might be marked common that would be the white wire,the other might be marked hot that would be the black one.If it is 220 it does not matter but 220 usually does not have a white wire. Was this answer helpful?

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