Electrical Machine

Industry is driven by the electrical machines- alternator or generator, motor and transformers. Alternator or generator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy or power, on the contrary electrical motor transforms electrical energy to mechanical energy for various functions. Electrical Transformer is used to transform current or voltage level to higher or lower for the purpose of system needs.

1. Alternator

Alternator Basics

  1. Brief insight on practical Alternator theory & operation.
  2. Alternator basic characteristics- what needs to know.
  3. Brief insight on synchronization of alternator or generator.
  4. How damper winding provides smooth starting to synchronous machine.
  5. Brief insight on Synchronous Alternator theory & operation.

Alternator Excitation Circuit:

  1. Rotating diode monitoring system for excitation circuit of generato0r.
  2. Exciter rotor with diode bridge of ABB alternator
  3. Excitation circuit diagram of ABB alternator.
  4. Excitation control principle in different Brand Alternators.

DC Generator:

  1. DC Generator basics & answers to some confusions.

2. Electrical Motor

Basic of Motor-

  1. Motor design concept – efficiency based design (EBD) & power factor based design (PFBD)
  2. A Brief insight to basic theory & operation of motor.
  3. Basic comparison between ac and dc motor..
  4. All equations related to motor.


  1. Rotor basic concepts, types and function of rotor skew.
  2. Damper winding & its function in electrical machine.
  3. What is rotor Skew in squirrel cage rotor and its function.

DC Motor

  1. How a rotor rotates in DC motor.
  2. Brief insight to all kind of DC motor operation principle.

AC Motor

  1. A brief insight on basics of Induction motor.
  2. Why does rotor rotates in an induction motor.
  3. Basic of all AC motors in one place

Starting of Induction Motor

  1. Theoretical concept on Starting of Induction motor.
  2. Star Delta starter of squirrel cage rotor Induction motor.
  3. Why the starting current of induction motor is very high compare to running condition.
  4. Direct online or DOL starting of asynchronous or induction motor.
  5. Auto Transformer starting of squirrel cage rotor Induction motor.
  6. Soft starter of squirrel cage rotor Induction motor.

3. Electrical Transformer

Electrical Transformer testing & Maintenance

Electrical Transformer Facts