Electrical codes and standards recognized internationally.

Around the globe, a universal electric code is recognized and practice by the manufacturer, designer and electricians. IEC or International Electric Code is this internationally recognized electric code. It is also called as NFPA-70.

The code and standards were first practiced by the insurance companies back in 1890+. Now-a-days this codes is practiced by the government around the world for safe and injury less workplace, residents.

Most of the country around the world has its own electric codes and rules like as Bangladesh has BNBC- Bangladesh National Building code(Where electrical code is covered in two chapter). But the most followed and practiced code is NFPA-70 Electric code.

NFPA – National Fire Protection Association was founded in 1896 in America, is now an international code. By NFPA-70 (National Electric Code) The electrical code and standard is covered.

The electrical code and standards is divided in to several parts. NFPA-70 does not cover the marine and high voltage electrical installation.

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