Shielded Electrical cable grounding methods.

Electrical Cable grounding is important when it is used in instrumentation or automation system. In automation system special cable carry sensor/plc signals in 4-20 ma range. Thus Leakage current from external source will create noise or even damage the sensor / PLC with fault current.

This is an instruction for grounding of shielded standard cables and cables equipped with inner shield. The Instruction can be used on Ship Power and Power Plant solutions.

  • Outer shield is always grounded in both ends of cable using EMC cable glands .
  • Inner shield (if exist) is connected only in one end.
cable grounding
Grounding of the cable without inner shield
electrical cable grounding schemes
Grounding of the cable with inner shield
electrical cable grounding with emc cable gland
Example for grounding of ready installed external cabling to external system on Power Plant solution

electrical cable grounding in power plant
Example for grounding outer shield of external cabling in engine end on Power Plant solution

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