Effect of frequency change on electrical transformer.

The important parameters for a electrical transformer are voltage, current & its frequency and losses associated. A transformer is designed for some constant properties like frequency. Now Say a transformer is designed for 50 Hz frequency but if the frequency becomes high or low what would happen.

The voltage of a transformer has a proportional relationship with frequency. Voltage of a transformer at a given flux density increases with frequency and also decreases with it. We can get this from Transformer universal emf equation.

equation of transformer
Transformer universal emf equation

What happened with change in frequency on electrical transformer.

So if frequency increases, the secondary voltage or emf increases. And secondary voltage decreases by the reduction of supply frequency.

With high frequency as the secondary emf becomes high, if we intentionally use high frequency we would be able design a compact transformer with fewer turns.

But with high frequency there is increase in transformer losses like core loss and conductor skin effect.

Also with high frequency the magnetizing current becomes low and with low frequency the magnetizing current becomes high.

effect of frequency on transformer

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