Busbar Trunking System or BBT

BBT or Bus Bar Trunking system is a replacement to traditional cable and panel distribution. MCB, MCCB in BBT is plugin component as bus is extended to consumer area.

Busbar Trunking System is a not that new technology, in 1930 it was first introduced in USA. Comparing with the conventional wire or cable BBT is far better. In some modern construction, people are now preferring BBT other than cable.

What is  Busbar Trunking System:

We know about bus bar.  Three phase incomer from generator or a source at first comes to a three phase bus bar by cable or wire, then circuit breaker or other device connection is made with cable from bus bar , circuit breaker / protection device and bus bar stays in the panel board.

Load is out side in use area, connected with cable from circuit breaker/ protection device.So bus bar is receiving and supplying  power by cable or wire.

But with Busbar Trunking System, there is no cable or wire at all. There is no panel. Bus bar is extended through the use area. A circuit breaker / protection device can just plug in the Busbar Trunking and connect load from the circuit breaker.

busbar trunking or bbt explanation
Busbar trunking or bbt explanation
Busbar trunking BBT tap off box
Busbar trunking BBT tap off box
bus bar trunking
bus bar trunking
Bus Bar trunking layout
Bus Bar trunking layout

bus bar layout

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