Basic of voltage/Potential transformer.

Voltage transformer is an instrument transformer has the following two functions-Adapting the value of MV voltage on the primary to the characteristics of metering or protection devices by supplying a secondary voltage that is proportional and lower in value.Isolating power circuits from the metering and/or protection circuit.

Why secondary of voltage transformer should not kept open

Caution: In voltage/Potential transformer the secondary must never be placed in short circuit.As the secondary voltage is virtually independent of the load, due to it being connected through a high impedance (virtually used in an open circuit). Therefore, the secondary must not be short circuited. Under these conditions an excessively high current will damage the transformer.

Composition of voltage/potential transformer

primary winding, a magnetic core, one or several secondary windings, with everything encapsulated in an insulating resin.

Types of voltage/potential transformer

According to connection-phase/phase: primary connected between two phases, phase/earth: primary connected between a phase and the earth.

potential transformer connection
Connection of VT / PT

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