Basic concept of hydraulic system.

You might be thinking how some machinery like excavator, crane works as they are so mighty. What would be the motor/engine – so strong running this machines. But the fact is that this machines runs by simple hydraulic system which uses classic physics theory “liquid power”.

Hydraulic system theory

The concept in hydraulic system is to utilize liquid power or hydraulic power. By hydraulic power of liquid a small force can be converted to a larger force, only by changing the area of liquid surface.

The formula is F2=F1*(A2/A1).

F2= output power, A2= liquid area in output or work section, F1=input power, A1=liquid area in input section. When A2>A1, F2 is greater than by a multiplying factor A2/A1 with F1.

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Hydraulic pressure theory
Hydraulic pressure theory

Characteristics of hydraulic liquid in hydraulic system:

Hydraulic theory is applied in many industrial applications and machinery. From simple wire cutter to heavy equipments like excavator, garbage truck, heavy duty lorry, crane use this theory.

For hydraulics fuel mineral oil or water is used. The characteristics of a good hydraulic fluid are Viscosity, Compressibility, Wear Resistance, Oxidation Stability, Thermal Stability, Filterability, Rust and Corrosion Protection, Foam Resistance, Seal Compatibility, Demulsibility.

hydraulic wire cramping tools
hydraulic wire cramping tools

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